About GUGU

Does GUGU provide Contract for Difference (CFDs)?

  • No, your stocks are traded directly on the U.S. NYSE and NASDAQ.

What securities license does GUGU hold?

  • GUGU holds a legitimate Australian securities license (AFS Representative number: 001304618), authorized by JB MARKETS PTY LTD (AFSL: 323182) in Australia.

Which is the clearing company for GUGU's stocks?

  • GUGU designates Alpaca Securities LLC, a U.S. brokerage, as the clearing bank and custodian.

Which company operates GUGU's services?

  • The GUGU app is operated by Asia Win Inc Limited, a Hong Kong company.

How does GUGU generate profits?

  • GUGU aims to create a friendly and affordable investment environment, with zero fees for deposits, trades, and withdrawals (excluding fees charged by banks). We mainly derive revenue from interest generated by your account funds, the spread in foreign exchange, and bonuses provided by stock clearing firms.

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