How to sell stocks

1.Click on the "Trade" button at the bottom of the stock page.

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2.Select "Sell".

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3.In the top-left menu, you can choose the method of selling. It is divided into:

  • Sell in shares: Executes at market price, measured in shares, with a minimum of 0.000001 shares.
  • Sell at a limit price: Sell at your specified price or higher. For example, if you choose to sell with a limit order and set the sell limit at $15, the stock will only be sold if the stock price is at $15 or higher.

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4.After selecting the order type and the selling unit, click on "Preview". Then, you will be directed to the final order confirmation page. Swipe up to successfully submit your order.

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5.After submitting the order, you can go to the "Investing" page to confirm if the sale was successful. If it's outside trading hours, your order will be displayed in the "Pending Orders" section. You can cancel the order at any time before it's executed by clicking on the "X".

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