How to open an account

GUGU partners with the globally renowned identity verification company Onfido to conduct rigorous identity verification using its advanced recognition technology and powerful global identity database. This ensures compliance with US securities regulations and safeguards users' account rights.

1.Start by entering your email and completing email verification to register as a GUGU member.

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2.Please fill in your English name exactly as it appears on your passport, select your nationality, provide your phone number, and enter your date of birth. Please ensure that the information matches your documents accurately.

**Please note:

  • The information provided must match the submitted identification documents.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old to apply for an account.

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3.It is recommended to prioritize selecting "Passport" as the identity verification document. After allowing camera access, align the passport within the frame for capturing. Ensure that the document is clear, all four corners are visible, and it has not expired.

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4.To confirm that the document you submitted belongs to you, please take an immediate selfie. We will use this to compare with the photo on your identification document. Ensure that your eyes are clearly visible and remove any items covering your face, except for glasses, which are acceptable.

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5.In accordance with regulatory requirements (to prevent money laundering, insider trading, and other illegal activities), we need to collect personal information. However, this information will be encrypted and protected, and we strive to ensure the security of your personal information. Additionally, you will need to provide your ID number, English residential address, credit information, etc. (this information should match the information on the documents you uploaded). It is also recommended to fill in the "emergency contact person," but you can choose not to fill it in, as we will not contact your emergency contact person unless necessary.

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6.After completing all the information, please read and confirm our relevant agreements and statements. If all the information is correct, you can submit the data for review!

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