How to deposit funds

1.Enter from the page with the money symbol, then click on "Transfer to GUGU".

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2.Select the deposit method: Taking "International Wire Transfer" as an example, first input the desired amount of USD to be transferred. On the next page, the system will provide the account information for the transfer. Please proceed with the remittance according to the provided account information on the page.

**Please note:

  • The text provided on the "Reference" field represents the identification code for your individual account. Therefore, it is crucial to fill it in correctly when making the transfer.
  • You must use a bank account in your own name for the transfer, otherwise it will be rejected by the bank.
  • Your bank account is affiliated with the US securities firm Alpaca Securities, and your account is directly protected by US regulatory oversight, with up to $500,000 SIPC insurance coverage. StockStock has no authority to access or transfer your funds.

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